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This double issue centers on our third collection of Summer Fiction, complete with a cover intended to evoke that hot-weather perennial, the picnic blanket. (The cover design, this month and every month, is the work of COMMENTARY publisher Carol Moskot, who serves double-duty as art director.)

This year we are offering up four stories we hope you will read at your leisure through the two months before our September issue appears. There are works by two writers familiar to COMMENTARY readers: John J. Clayton, making his 10th appearance in the magazine in the past nine years, and Kelly Cherry, whose first story for us, “Covenant,” appeared in May 1971. But I want to draw your particular attention to the stories by Fernanda Moore and Zachary Watterson. Moore’s beautifully observed study of quotidian family life, “The Tomb of Hunting and Fishing,” is her first published work of fiction. Watterson’s indelible portrait of a resourceful young refugee, “At Your Last Gasp,” is his first appearance in a general-interest magazine. These are very different stories. But they both pulsate with the special energy that comes uniquely from a distinctive new voice.

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John Podhoretz is editor of COMMENTARY.