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On the Horizon: The Meteoric Velikovsky

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“And he [Joshua] said in the sight of Israel: ‘Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Aijalon’” (Josh. 10:12). To which Immanuel Velikovsky replied, quite a few centuries later: “It was the earth that stood still that day. . . .” It was quite a surprise. Now, the author of the best-selling Worlds in Collision (more than 100,000 copies) is about to put a new book on the market, Ages in Chaos—A Reconstruction of Ancient History from the Exodus to King Akhnaton. This one appears under the imprint of Doubleday, who adopted Velikovsky after his original publisher, Macmillan, had abandoned him under the fire of outraged scientific opinion. (“Fifty years ago such a book would have been laughed at,” lamented Waldemar Kaempfert, “and now it is used as a weapon against science.”) On the dust jacket of the new book is an authorized statement by Robert H. Pfeiffer, head of the Semitics department of Harvard University: “If Dr. Velikovsky is right, this volume is the greatest contribution to the investigation of ancient times ever written.” Velikovsky himself does not expect such cautious sympathy from the academic fraternity at large. “This time the historians will attack me,” says the tall, gray-haired, distinguished-looking man, with a friendly indulgence for what he regards as human weakness.

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