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‘Ron?’ he asked. ‘Ronnie Rosenberg?’ Rosenberg hadn’t a clue who was asking, and the man who had must have sensed this, for he quickly added, ‘Nathan, Nathan Klein.’ Rosenberg still didn’t remember. ‘Camp Ojibwa,’ the man said. ‘Eagle River, Wisconsin, 1956.’  Natey Klein, of course. Skinny kid, talked with a lisp, wet his bed, the cabin goat. Everyone in the cabin was ten years old. Ojibwa was a sports camp, all Jewish, with a bit of arts and crafts added: lanyard-making, wood-carving, that sort of thing. But athletics was at the center of things—softball, basketball, tennis, boxing, ping-pong, canoeing, swimming—and Natey had been a lousy athlete, uncoordinated, a slow runner, couldn’t catch, terrified of the water, really awful.


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Joseph Epstein’s new book, Distant Intimacy: A Friendship in the Age of the Internet, co-written with Frederic Raphael, was published last month by Yale University Press.