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Philosemitismus im Barock, by Hans Joachim Schoeps

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We know more than enough about the centuries-long history of anti-Semitism. It ought therefore to be a particularly welcome relief to become acquainted with some philo-Semites of the 17th century whose existence has hitherto been obscure even to learned historians of that period. However, as Professor Schoeps himself warns, we must not expect too much from this somewhat motley group of enthusiasts. Some of them were in contact with the theosophic movement inspired by Jakob Boehme, which was, in many respects, the most significant religious trend of thought of the time. Unfortunately, none of these philo-Semites had anything like the power of vision and the depth of emotion and thought that distinguished Boehme among hundreds of other religious ecstatics, German, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian, in his “movement.”

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