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To the Editor:

May I suggest three kisses for Marion Magid for her lovely review of Jewish Wit, [“Jewish Wit Psychoanalyzed,” Sept. '62] as well as a muzzle (or two—one milchig, one fleishig) for Dr. Reik. I recently tried very hard to read the treatise in question, first, in what I am now pleased to know is the “usual procedure,” scanning the jokes (most of which I did know), then trying the commentary (unreadable). It was a hot, horrible night which had just been spent in the 42nd Street Library, and I needed refreshment badly. I said to the bookstore owner: “For $2.45 I shouldn’t know all the jokes.” He shrugged (I had been standing there reading for fifteen minutes) and said: “That’s cheap for an original. It’s not like it was a reprint.” “Thank God,” I said to myself. Now thank Magid!

Florence Victor
New York City



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