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Reinventing the Family, by Laura Benkov

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There is a baby boom now under way among homosexuals. Thanks to advances in technology and changes in the law, both homosexual individuals and homosexual couples are having and adopting children in record numbers; in the urban, socially-advanced communities where some of us live and are raising our children, such arrangements have increasingly become an element of our daily experience. In Reinventing the Family, Laura Benkov, a writer, a psychologist, and a lesbian mother, chronicles the shifts that have made possible this revolution in family life, and celebrates homosexual parenthood.

The traditional family structure is corrupt and increasingly irrelevant, Benkov announces, and the homosexual family is one of several new forms that have begun to take its place. For her, this marks a “moment of majestic proportions” in the evolutionary development of nature and mankind, equivalent to the moment when “fish [mutated] into reptiles” and when “cave dwellers [moved] into structures built with their own hands.”

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