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Remembrance of Cultural Revolutions Past

- Abstract

Direct from the People’s Republic of China she came to San Francisco with the glad tidings!

In the early 1970’s, we were invited to gather at the apartment of our friends, the Natters, to hear a woman named Myrtle Ferguson describe her experience at the center of the Cultural Revolution, about which so many lies were being told in the imperialist bourgeois media.1 Myrtle taught English in a Beijing school; like millions of her fellow strugglers, she wore a monochrome uniform; her hair, brutally cropped, fell over her forehead in a slab no one would dare call bangs. Now, she was traveling in America on a tour of enlightenment. Zucchini and Monterey Jack cheese would be served, along with wine and, at my request, beer.

About the Author

Herbert Gold is the author of the forthcoming My First Murder, among many other novels. His non-fiction books include Bohemia and Haiti: Best Nightmare on Earth. A previous memoir by him, “In Bellow’s Company,” appeared in our September 2005 issue.