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Rush to War?

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The discussion of the burgeoning Iranian nuclear program took a peculiar turn last month. There was talk of a “rush to war.” The president himself decided he could use the discussion to his political advantage by attacking his Republican rivals for talking far too loosely about going to war. He accused them of “casualness,” of “popping off,” of failing or refusing to recognize the gravity of the situation. “This is not a game,” Barack Obama said.

No, it’s not. And there is no “rush to war.” Quite the opposite, in fact. It has been a decade—a decade—since the West became aware Iran was going nuclear. The discussion of the need to do something about the Iranian nuclear threat had already become so commonplace in April 2007—five years ago—that John McCain made an odd and antic joke about it on the campaign trail, warbling the words “Bomb Iran” to the tune of “Barbara Ann.”

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John Podhoretz is editor of COMMENTARY.