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Saboteurs by Michael Dobbs

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Plodders’ Plot Saboteurs: The Nazi Raid on America by Michael Dobbs
Knopf. 300 pp. $25.00 Reviewed by Jacob Heilbrunn

Michael J. Dobbs, a veteran reporter for the Washington Post, has a knack for historical detective work about the Nazi era. In 1997, he uncovered the fact, evidently unknown to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright herself, that she had Jewish grandparents who perished in the Holocaust. Now, in Saboteurs, Dobbs chronicles the failed German attempt to carry out a wave of terrorism against American industrial targets during World War II.

The botched raid made banner headlines in 1942, and entered U.S. newspapers again after September 11, 2001, when the Bush administration looked to it for legal precedents for the establishment of military tribunals in which to try terrorist suspects. Drawing extensively on FBI files, German documents, and scores of interviews, Dobbs is the first to tell the full story of a riveting episode that casts some interesting shadows on our current moment.

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Jacob Heilbrunn is a writer in Washington, D.C.