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Some Statistics on Bigotry in Voting

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THOUGH the outcome of the 1960 Presidential election will be determined by a variety of factors, it is clearly the “religious issue” which most fascinates the majority of our political commentators. For if Kennedy wins, the bigotry against Catholics (particularly Irish Catholics) that has flared up at different times in American history-in the Know-Nothing party of pre-Civil War days which secured over 25 per cent of the Presidential vote in 1856, in the notorious American Protective Association (APA) of the 1880′s and 90′s, and in the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920′s-will finally have been laid to rest, at least as a potent political force. More significantly, the highest office in the land will for the first time have been bestowed on someone who does not belong to the inner circle of Protestants of Nordic and Anglo-Saxon descent.

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