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Still Alive—A Memoir

- Abstract

For nine months I swam like a tiny fish in my mother, then was born and did my best to take over the lives of my parents. First-born son, I ruled. Later, I watched them fading, dying. In turn, I co-created my own little fish, five of them, and now they accompany me through the process of late living, future dying. I still feel like a fish swimming—not in my mother but free in the ocean. My eldest daughter tells me she doesn’t like my living alone. But I’m not alone—much of my company is now invisible because only remembered.

About the Author

Herbert Gold is the author of the forthcoming My First Murder, among many other novels. His non-fiction books include Bohemia and Haiti: Best Nightmare on Earth. A previous memoir by him, “In Bellow’s Company,” appeared in our September 2005 issue.