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The End of Nothing

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The End of Men:
And the Rise of Women
By Hanna Rosin
Riverhead, 320 pages

Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, based on a much-ballyhooed article she wrote for the Atlantic two years ago, purports to describe an “unprecedented moment” in which “women are no longer merely gaining on men; they have pulled decisively ahead by almost every measure.” (Note that “almost.” Though the pay gap persists, “women overall are doing better than guys, even if one woman makes less than the man sitting next to her,” Rosin told Glamour.) The book has been widely discussed in the press and online; Rosin has been lauded both for her “thorough research and engaging writing” (Minneapolis Star Tribune), and for the book’s “substance and scholarship” (the Wall Street Journal). The Huffington Post calls The End of Men “one of the most anticipated books of the year,” and the Smithsonian praises its “nimble, fluid style,” calling it “one of those books that make all the puzzle pieces come together—academic studies, news stories, TV shows, novels, that strange Super Bowl commercial with the evocative undertones.”

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Fernanda Moore is a writer in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. She reviewed Gary Saul Morson’s book on aphorisms for our September issue.