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The Good Old Days

To the Editor:

How wonderful—the selections from the Bintel Brief [“Worthy Editor,” March]. What glimpses they give us of a bygone age: bosses mistreating workers, men mistreating women, revolutionaries fighting oppression, Jews being persecuted and murdered, Jews losing their identity, Jewish girls looking for husbands, husbands deserting their families, policemen being brutal, etc., etc. Indeed, life was simple then! . . .

Hanna F. Desser
New York City




In Rabbi Balfour Brickner’s letter in the June issue, a line was unfortunately dropped from the third sentence in the first paragraph on page 8. The sentence should read: “In Judaism it is not uncommon to find the convert far more deeply committed to, and involved in, the practices of Jewish life than one who has lived for a lifetime ‘within the mishpocha.’”—Ed.



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