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The Hard Road to Israeli Self-Dependence:
Facing Up to the Grim Economic Realities

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One of the most important aims of Zionism was to reduce the dependence of Jewish communities on a surrounding Gentile world. And it is one of the supreme ironies of history that the culmination of Zionist success, the creation of a sovereign Jewish state, has served up to now, not to reduce this dependence, but to shift it from the political to the economic arena. While the great Jewish communities of the Diaspora were characterized by economic strength and political weakness, we citizens of the state of Israel enjoy political sovereignty coupled with an almost complete economic dependence on others.

As we know, the considerable economic prowess of the Jews in the Dispersion availed them little in countries where they were politically helpless; it might be concluded similarly that Israel’s political independence will mean little in the face of continued economic dependence.

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