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The Ignoble Prize

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When the sages of Oslo recently bestowed the Nobel Peace Prize on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, they demonstrated yet again how their kind of “peace” is often just an excuse for turning a blind eye toward the true nature of war. The OPCW is an ineffectual arm of the United Nations dating back to 1997 with no record of success. It was chosen for one reason and one reason only: to register the Nobel committee’s approval of the arrangement between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama that led the United States to stand down rather than fire missiles and drop bombs on Syria.

The OPCW is supposed to oversee the destruction of Syria’s chemical-weapons stockpile, should such a thing ever happen (and even if some or all of the chemical weaponry is destroyed, reconstituting it using existing Syrian machinery would require little effort or expense). Its labors have not even begun, and yet here is the Nobel. That is why one can say confidently that the award is actually a symbolic atta-boy! for Putin and Obama. Good work, gentlemen, the committee is saying. Since your actions mean there was no U.S. strike on Syria, you have labored in the vineyards of peace and brought forth sweet wine.

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