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The ObamaCare Debacle Deepens

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In late June, the Supreme Court ruled that despite some significant constitutional flaws, the Obama health-care law would remain the law of the land—owing to the reported decision of Chief Justice John Roberts to change his vote and side with the court’s four liberals on the key issue of forcing every adult American who has a high-enough income to buy health insurance.

Quite simply, the Roberts opinion took a bad bill and made it worse. If ObamaCare continues to exist in the form Roberts has devised, with much of the mechanism for funding its requirements stripped out, the consequences for the country and for our health-care system may be even more disastrous than they would have been had the problematic law simply been allowed to stand as it was.

About the Author

Tevi Troy is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute and former deputy secretary of Health and Human Services. This essay is part of his series for Commentary about the political and legal journey of American health care.