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The Patriot Smear & Its Progeny

- Abstract

Orchestrated smears are but one of many weapons commonly used by Israel’s enemies in Washington. Such enemies have been populating U.S. government offices since the establishment of the state, and it is safe to assume that they will be there for some time to come, leaking anti-Israel canards whenever it seems propitious. But what has transformed them from irksome nuisances to major menaces is the hostile atmosphere which has been created by the Bush White House. A mood of open season on Israel makes them bolder, and encourages the media to gobble up their stories indiscriminately, no matter how ludicrous and fantastic these stories may be. In the context of a villainous Israel, anything goes, and dirty tricks of the kind employed only in total war against an implacable enemy become legitimate weapons in a contest of wills with an ally.


The smears can be divided into roughly three categories. One is the accusation by anachronism, in which Israel is charged with selling weapons to a currently unpopular or blacklisted government when the weapons were in fact only sold, and perfectly legitimately, in the past.

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