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The Task of Being an American Jew:
The Modern Rediscovery of Jewish Life and Faith

- Abstract

IN THE previous issue of this magazine there appeared an impressive article by Professor David Daiches, an article that was a spirited confession of his faithful unbelief. We should be grateful to COMMENTARY for having published it, and, of course, first and foremost to the author for having written it. It was the confession of a sincere and thoughtful man, and we are not to take it lightly. For Mr. Daiches had cast his eye about, scanning the province of American Judaism, and nearly all that he found he found wanting. He did not discover any door inviting him to enter. Only toward some unpretentious vestibule of an Orthodox shul did he feel occasionally inclined to wend his way, and, at a propitious hour, go within to experience some intense devotional moments.

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