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The Truth About Mass Shootings and Gun Control

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When tragedy strikes on a national scale, our initial reactions have a commonality to them: We recoil in shock and are overcome with sorrow. But then, as anger and frustration set in, we begin to divide, to blame the things we have always blamed for the evils around us. We insist that something must be done, steps must be taken, laws must be passed.

Adam Lanza, an honors student with no criminal record, murdered his mother, stole four of her guns, and—for reasons we may never know—decided to rob the world of the lives of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was a murder of unarmed innocents on a scale with few precedents in American history, the second deadliest school shooting in history, and the worst massacre in an elementary school since the 1927 bombings at the Bath School in Michigan.

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Benjamin Domenech, who publishes the daily online news compendium the Transom, wrote about the Republican Party’s technological failure in the December 2012 issue.