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Treasury for the Free World, edited by Ben Raeburn

- Abstract

“The material in this book, now enlarged and revised, originates from the files of Free World, the publication which has become a focal point for the ideas of international leaders and statesmen on the urgent problems of our time,” says the editor. The volume contains the expressions of some sixty-odd writers—political leaders, prominent intellectuals, movie producers, poets, journalists and experts of different kinds. Among others, the following names appear: La Guardia, Wallace, Croce, Tito, de Gaulle, Bertrand Russell, Darryl F. Zanuck, Einstein, Juan Negrin, Gunnar Myrdal and Carl Sandburg. The book is divided into thirteen sections that deal with such subjects as the international policy of the United States, science, the problems of the great political areas of the world, the question of a free press, group prejudice, and so on. The over-all subject of the volume can be identified as the problem of freedom in the world that is to be built on the victory of the United Nations. But the true unity of these writings (if there is any) consists in a mode of thought and an attitude toward politics and historical development.

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