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To the Editor:

James Q. Wilson’s perceptive essay, “Tales of Virtue” [April], is marred by a minor error and a major historical untruth. The error: Horatius guarded the bridge, not Horatio (who appeared in Hamlet and later as Hornblower, but not in ancient Rome). The untruth: Father Maximilian Kolbe did not sacrifice himself for a Jew but for a co-religionist with a family. This is important because before his incarceration, Kolbe had been a rabid anti-Semite, the author and editor of numerous written attacks on Jews. What he did finally may count as heroism, but he does not deserve to be placed among the righteous Gentiles.

George E. Ehrlich
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


To the Editor:

James Q. Wilson is disposed to reconcile “strict behaviorism” with his views of developmental psychology, together with his philosophically confused ideas regarding the epistemology of our beliefs about ethics and morality.

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