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What to do about “Dangerous” Textbooks:
The Pitfalls of Pressure Tactics

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One evening last June, a Mrs. Julius Y. Talmadge, at a meeting of the Georgia State Board of Education, denounced Frank Magruder’s American Government as unfit for use as a social studies textbook, because it “advocates strengthening the United Nations Charter.” Actually, Mrs. Talmadge’s outburst was superfluous, for the fate of the Magruder book had been sealed a few months before when the Board had decided that the book was likely to subvert young Georgians, despite an editorial plea in the Atlanta Constitution that “Governor Talmadge was taught from the book, as were most of the men and women in public life in Georgia, and we defy the Board to prove it has made subversives, socialists, or radicals of them.” The plea was to no avail. The meeting of the Board which Mrs. Talmadge addressed ordered the 30,000 copies of Magruder in use in the Georgia schools to be called in and sold—out of the state, of course.

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