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Why I Thought Perot Would Win

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Watching him on television, I never much liked Ross Perot. He always impressed me as one of those arrogant businessmen I have run into from time to time who have a philistine scorn for the skills required in fields other than their own and no respect for the constraints under which people in different enterprises are forced to work if they are to get anything done. Nor was I charmed by his manner, having as a result of overexposure lost the delight I once took in the Southern type known in his native habitat as a “good ol’ boy.”

And yet I became convinced very early on that Perot would win, and I went around saying so long before he started being taken seriously; I even made a few bets. In this way I found myself acquiring a stake in his campaign. I followed his progress very carefully, and even though I had no intention of voting for him, I greeted each new poll measuring his ascent with quiet satisfaction.

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