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Why the Democrats Are Confident:
The GOP, They Think, is Riding for a Fall

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After two decades of uninterrupted power, occupancy of the White House had become for the Democrats not merely a habit but a natural right. So when the overturn came, they never concealed their belief that the Eisenhower administration was merely a caretaker government, and Dwight D. Eisenhower himself just a retired army general with a four-year temporary lease. Today that belief has become ebullient confidence. Come November 1954, any Democratic politician will tell you, the voters will serve notice on Mr. Eisenhower to start packing, the lease won’t be renewed in ’56.

For a time, say around six months ago, they had their periods of doubt and uncertainty. Although they secretly had suspected that Mr. Eisenhower would capture the Presidency, his electoral vote still came as quite a shock; while they were recovering, they suffered some moments of profound depression in which they saw themselves jobless and homeless for years. Some of them even fell victim to the thought that, like the Republicans before them, they might have to wander in the wilderness for as much as two cheerless decades.

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