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William Troy: Selected Essays, edited by Stanley Edgar Hyman

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In this book the major critical essays of the late William Troy are available at last. Troy himself was never willing to collect them, in spite of the urging of many admirers, and we owe their publication now to a few devoted friends, especially Léonie Adams, his widow, who carefully preserved all he wrote. Allen Tate, his friend for nearly forty years, contributes an illuminating personal memoir, and Stanley Edgar Hyman has performed the difficult task of selection and arrangement. Mr. Hyman, with his unique knowledge of contemporary criticism, has beautifully introduced Troy’s work to a generation that knows too little about it—and incidentally reaffirmed Troy’s true stature for those who needed reminding. We have never had, and are never likely to have, a critic of more perceptiveness, philosophic and historical enlightenment, and high integrity: the appearance of this book is an important event in American letters.

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