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Before The Votes Are Even Counted

So far Hillary Clinton is ahead–not in votes, but complaints. She has the Ohio Secretary of State on Barack Obama’s case and she is setting up an argument that he is playing fast and loose with the Texas caucus rules. As to the latter, she put out a press release which reads:

Unfortunately, we have received numerous reports that the Obama campaign is violating Texas Democratic Party rules by circulating precinct convention sign in sheets in advance and are having them filled in now. These underhanded tactics undermine the process that all parties agreed to. The Texas Democratic Party has issued a memo this afternoon once again clarifying that these sign-in sheets are invalid and that this tactic is a violation of the rules. We want every Texas voter to know that sign in sheets distributed before the primary polls close, will not count. We encourage them to participate in their precinct convention by showing up at their polling location at 6:30pm.We call on the Obama campaign to join us in repudiating these tactics, and to work with us and the state party to ensure that the integrity of the process is maintained. We look forward to a tremendous turnout in both the primary and tonight’s precinct conventions.

However the voting comes out, be prepared to hear a lot of grousing about the other team’s tactics.

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