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Not That Close

Those ever-faulty exit polls painted a false picture which drove much of the media coverage last night, suggesting the races were closer than they were. Hillary Clinton won Rhode Island and Ohio by double digits. In Rhode Island she netted 4 delegates and in the latter, she won by a margin of 62 to 46. (She lost a net of three delegates in Vermont.) Given the convoluted Texas caucus we won’t know the final tally in Texas but based on the primary itself, as of this morning she had netted 6 delegates.

But delegates, of course, are not what Clinton will talk about. She will talk about Democrats “just beginning to pay attention” and the “biggest prize” of Pennsylvania yet to come. For the first time in weeks she has the momentum–and if not the affection, at least the respect, of the media. Most importantly, she has a leg up in her effort to show Barack Obama has a glass jaw.

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