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Is It Another Election Day?

Yes, we have two more states to tally today and a not-quite declaration of victory in the offing from Barack Obama. (To understand what is really going on you need only watch this.) But for all intents and purposes the general election has already begun. Who was largely missing and unwilling to take advantage of the Obama’s Iran difficulties over the last week? Hillary Clinton, of course. That’s the surest sign that, although she doesn’t want to abandon her supporters, she sees the handwriting on the wall.

We watch the primary election returns not to count the delegates or to see who will win, but to assess the strengths and weakness of the eventual nominee. Will Obama improve among white working-class voters? Is the youth vote still turning out? Did John Edwards’ endorsement affect anything? (No, yes, and no.)

Meanwhile, the mainstream media can contemplate Clinton’s views on sexism and decide whether a headline like “PATTI’S GOT A CRUSH ON OBAMA? ” (in reference to Clinton’s former campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle potentially signing up with the Obama camp) is fitting self-incrimination.

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