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Not So Fast

Hillary Clinton’s tactics to shove her way on to the Democratic ticket — I know it is hard to believe — do not seem to be endearing her to Democrats or Barack Obama in particular. Indeed, the effort is so ham-handed one wonders if she is looking for a “No, thanks.” As much as it is in Obama’s interest (it muddies his change message, it would make governing a nightmare, she would overshadow him, it would bring Bill’s baggage along) to reject her, it’s in her long term interest to escape a number-two spot as well.

Really, don’t her hopes reside in the 2012 “I told you so” comeback? Toiling away as VP did nothing for Al Gore or Walter Mondale. George H.W. Bush was the historical anomaly in recent history — a VP who made it to the White House by his own subsequent election.

Still, Clinton wouldn’t want to offend her adoring and angry fans by saying “I don’t want to be VP,” so perhaps it is better to be loud and obnoxious and get herself thrown out of consideration. But if you don’t like that explanation, there is plenty of evidence from the last six months that the Clintons have become tone-deaf and simply don’t know when enough is enough.

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