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Terrible, Just Terrible

Could it be that “the American people may be repelled at the sight of a man touring the planet in presidential style who has yet to even be nominated by his own party?” asks Howard Fineman. He then writes:

There is something a little off about Obamapalooza, even if it is not entirely the candidate’s fault. The self-conscious mimicking of J.F.K. can be cloying or even worse. Kennedy went to Berlin in the midst of a Cold War crisis. To stand at the Brandenburg Gate and declare “Ich bin ein Berliner” took enormous guts. Obama has yet to match that fortitude — and he hasn’t been chosen president. However quaint it may seem, voters may want a say in that decision.

But who exactly is contributing to the Obamapalooza if not the MSM of which Fineman is a tried and true member?

There is something perverse and deeply dishonest about the MSM throwing the ticker tape parade for Obama, gushing at every turn, and then turning around to wonder if it’s all a bit over the top. Rather than focus on the substance: McCain was right (they now concede) and Obama wrong, all they can do is marvel at the atmospherics. “Wow, isn’t it neat how he’s getting away with such appalling decision making and getting our applause!”

Moreover, in the two significant interviews of the trip — one with Terry Moran and the other with Katie Couric (the entire segment is a must-see)– Obama performed poorly and created more problems for himself by insisting on positions that seemed shaky (Still no support for the surge? He wants to spend the money on an energy policy instead?) and even going so far as to deny that he changed position on Jerusalem.

Rather than focus on their own accomplished and newsworthy interviews, the networks have continued to gush over the travel photos, almost as if their own interviews failed to turn up much new at all. That (like failing to object to the lack of access to Obama and to nondisclosure of basic data throughout the campaign) shows a shocking willingness to sacrifice even their own journalistic reputations and “standards” to boost their candidate of choice. As John said: scandalous.

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