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No News Is Bad News

The Democrats will have to be patient if they want a complete economic meltdown. On news that the Fed is holding interest rates steady, the NYSE regained some lost ground. Democrats couldn’t be rooting for bad news, could they? Oh yes–as one of the more candid MSM reporters, Candy Crowley let on–they certainly are. Not only were they hoping this would occur, according to Crowley, but they are so brazen as to tell reporters as much.

This contains shades of the Democrats’ treatment of the Iraq war where every good bit of news was greeted by eye-rolling and every setback lauded as proof positive of their own political acumen. There is, of course, something unseemly about delighting in the suffering of your fellow citizens, but it is hardly new.

The Democrats have made a full-time industry of despair. And both Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave stirring speeches in Denver lamenting how awful things are. The mere suggestion by John McCain that the fundamentals of our economy are sound brings howls of derision. How could he! Yet we’ve had a 3.3% quarter of growth, the market seems to be bouncing up, consumer prices are down, etc. But none of that matters in the gloom-and-doom portrait the Democrats would like us to observe. For them, the worse the news the better the election.

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