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Well this is an honest take on “get out the vote” efforts by liberal groups ( e.g. Rock the Vote, HeadCount, the New Voters Project) and Hollywood celebrities: ” There’s a reason all the organizations trying to increase the number of voters are full of liberals. It’s because poor people, minorities, the undereducated and the young are the least likely to register; the higher the turnout among those groups, the better the Democrats do. The reason no one is trying to “Country Music the Vote” is because George Strait fans already vote.”

Sarah Palin talks with Laura Ingraham in fluent and convincing fashion on the Born Alive Infants Act, the Bill Ayers connection, Ayers’ educational philosophy, unconditional meetings with leaders of terror sponsoring states, and ACORN (“Doesn’t anyone have a conscience anymore?”). Perhaps she should start doing the McCain-Palin ads.

Speaking of ads, this one puts the pieces together on the ACORN connection. (The flashing lights are a bit much, however.)

This is a handy guide to Obama and ACORN. Even the laziest MSM reporter should be able to figure it out.

Mark Steyn beats the wrap in the kangaroo court.

Isn’t this the story of the race? McCain calms them down and Palin pumps them up.

This was the last thing McCain-Palin needed. Yes, it’s a partisan witch-hunt, but it’s one more distraction for a campaign already short on focus.

Imagine if McCain were as effective as Tom Coburn in putting the “political greed in Congress” in the context of the current crisis.

Marc Ambinder’s Senate race rankings look about right, although I wouldn’t underestimate Norm Coleman’s chances of beating the ludicrous Al Franken or, to the embarrassment of many conservatives, Ted Stevens winning an acquittal and hanging on. Regardless, chances are that the Democrats will be under the filibuster-proof sixty in the Senate. That’s about the only promising sign for November for Republicans.

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