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Flotsam and Jetsam

Hillary Clinton stars in another anti-Obama ad.

The Democrats were right: the Bush Justice Department is so hopelessly politicized that they are neglecting their law enforcement duties. But not exactly in the way you might imagine.

The Bill Ayers story lives because Barack Obama can never quite bring himself to get all the facts out. All in all I think John McCain would rather be talking about Joe the Plumber than about Bill the Terrorist. But Barack the Liar is omnipresent.

Amazing what reporters find when they stop arguing with the crowd about press bias and just cover what happens. In this case it’s McCain supporters and staffers confronting whackos. It’s sort of . . . well. . . like news!

Mickey Kaus is sniffing out more abject Obama-fawning by the MSM and more sour grapes by Mike Murphy. (Anyone paying close attention would notice that Murphy’s been saying bad things about people who got the job he didn’t –running the McCain campaign — for some time now).

Sarah Palin — from Caribou Barbie to Media Star in a month. She either learns really fast or her handlers were really bad (or maybe both).

James Antle cuts to the heart of the matter of Republicans endorsing Obama based on the hope that he doesn’t really believe anything he’s said or any of his past voting positions: “it’s kind of rich to hear people who use such subjective, evidence-free criteria for their presidential choices lecture about the importance of reasoned judgment.” Which is more far-fetched — the hope that they’ll earn themselves jobs in an Obama administration ahead of devoted liberals or that voters will be influenced by people unknown outside the beltway?

John McCain slyly suggests Colin Powell was rude to his friend and didn’t bother to gather all the facts before reaching a conclusion about Sarah Palin. As for the latter, it is not the most egregious case in Powell’s career of making pronouncements with incomplete evidence. This one, however, will be oh so much more popular with the opinion makers.

But really with all these dastardly foreign policy barons jumping on the Obama bandwagon maybe McCain should run against the foreign policy apparatus that mismanaged the war, miscalculated the cost (human and financial) and misrepresented intelligence. Isn’t Obama now offering to consult the very same people?

Bret Stephens reminds us of Powell’s abysmal ethical lapse with regard to the Valerie Plame leak. In some sense Powell is a perfect match for Obama: “he is a man with an unfailing sense of the political breeze, like a kite. His endorsement of Mr. Obama sends his reputation aloft again, floating high above a record that stands for nothing.”

A Palin story from the MSM you usually don’t see. (h/t RedState) Pundits forget how much of politics has nothing to do with policy.

Glib vs. smart. After a few months of watching the two campaigns, I am convinced Biden is neither and Palin is the latter.

One for the “least surprising headlines” file.

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