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The ‘Best Piece of the Week’ Award…

…goes, as it usually does when he has a piece that week, to Andrew Ferguson for an essay entitled “The Unity Fantasy” in the Weekly Standard. Just a taste:

Like vacation brochures or soft-core pornography or TV ads for Ronco’s Chop-O-Matic, political campaigns are exercises in fantasy. They sell something that could never exist in the real world, at least in its advertised form. Certainly the campaign of Obama’s opponent–who promised, among much else, to balance the federal budget in four years–was built largely on fantasy. Reagan sold some fantasies of his own, as his critics never tired of pointing out. Obama’s chief fantasy is that he’s a politician who will relieve us of the burden of politics. He may wind up, like Reagan, a successful president. But if he does, it will be because, like Reagan, he engaged his ideological and political opponents in ferocious battles and beat them. Maybe unity will ensue–but only in hindsight, 20 years on or more, after we’ve forgotten how we got there.

There’s more. Much more. Read it.

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