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What The Huck?

One of Ronald Reagan’s maxims was the so-called “11th Commandment:” “Thou shalt not criticize a fellow Republican.” Obviously, it shouldn’t bear the weight of a commandment, but it’s generally sound advice.

Advice that Mike Huckabee could stand to listen to.

Huckabee, it seems, is angling for another shot at the nomination in 2012. He seems to want it in the worst possible way — and that’s precisely how he’s going about it.

Hosting a show on Fox News is probably a good move. It keeps him in the public eye, it gets folks used to thinking about him and public policy issues, and it plays well with the base. But it’s some of his other moves that should be cause for concern on the Right.

Over the past few weeks. Huckabee has been getting attention mainly for the shots he’s taken at his past rivals.  He wrote the obligatory book on his failed campaign, where he took shots at Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.  He’s described why he thinks John McCain lost — and why he would have beaten Obama. And he’s whined about how he wishes he could have gotten the kind of instant celebrity Sarah Palin got.So the Republicans must be hoping Mike Huckabee will enjoy all the success in the world on Fox. If they’re very lucky, it’ll keep him too busy to make another run for the presidency.

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