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Maybe He Meant a Different Iraq War

It is a commonplace when writing about security gains in Iraq to use the qualifiers “fragile” and “reversible.” But considering the continued progress there and the shape-shifting of Barack Obama, perhaps those terms are better suited to describing the status of the incoming administration’s Iraq policy.

What did Joe “We Will End This War!” Biden get up to today? He was in Baghdad reassuring Iraqi leaders that “the new administration will stick to the timetable in the [U.S.- Iraq status of forces] agreement,” according to government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh.

So, that’s that. The Obama team is officially on-board with the Bush Iraq plan. That means American troops in Iraq for at least three more years. This comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been watching the progress in Iraq closely. But the unqualified reversal from anti-war ticket to pro-war administration is still something to marvel at. And the justification gymnastics from Obama voters who still can’t admit victory in Iraq should be fun to watch as well.

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