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Bravo, Cliff

It does not happen often but a conservative, Cliff May in this case, wins an argument with Jon Stewart – on interrogation no less. The segment is worth watching, more than once, in its entirety. May makes the case that there are techniques that do not rise to the level of torture which we should be able to utilize on terrorists if American lives are at stake. Stewart (who doesn’t seem to know exactly what the Geneva Convention requires and to whom it applies) seems strangely willing to risk American lives rather than make terrorists uncomfortable.

Well, I suppose there is a segment of the population which agrees with Stewart that Truman is a war criminal and that Americans should risk death rather than engage in any treatment beyond politely requesting al Qaeda terrorists give us name, rank, and serial number. But how many Americans share that extreme view?

In some sense this is the pathetic state of liberalism today. The Left’s great media star is ready to indict posthumously a lion in the Democratic pantheon of great presidents. The audience hoots in approval. Imagine what JFK or Scoop Jackson (or Lane Kirkland for that matter) would have thought about the state of this liberalism and its adherents who cannot rise to defend their fellow citizens. And Bill Clinton should watch his back — he after all did order the bombing of a factory where innocents were killed.

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