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Dr. Biden

Vice President Joe Biden went way into the weeds on network TV telling Americans to stay out of subways, confined spaces, and maybe schools. His poor spokesperson tried to twist his words into something more sensible but no one said working for Biden was a walk in the park. In a radio interview, Sen. Tom Harkin does what the White House should do — make clear Biden is a menace:

Well, I think that’s a very unfortunate statement by the vice president. We just don’t need that type of misinformation going out. I wish the vice president had checked with the Center for Disease Control and Preparedness before he made that statement….As far as not riding on subways or planes, we’re not going to shut down our system and that doesn’t get to the nub of the problem anyway, so I think that’s very unfortunate that this kind of misinformation got out.

Janet Napolitano is more diplomatic but she’s clearly not pleased. Not surprisingly, representatives of the travel industry, who already had to plead with the president earlier in the year not to destroy their business, are up in arms.

What do we think this mega-gaffe will cost in lost travel and business disruption? In comparison to the $300,000 or so New York fly-over this may be real money. Moreover, perhaps this would be a good time to send Biden on the funeral circuit and give up the pretense that he is a wise counselor.

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