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Dear Contentions readers and commenters,

We have always prided ourselves on the quality of the discourse in the comments sections here at COMMENTARYMAGAZINE.COM — reflecting as it does the intelligence and civility of our readership. Since the inception of our blog, CONTENTIONS, we have followed a hands-off approach to moderating and reviewing the comments left on our site, believing that the good judgment of our commenters would serve as a sufficient guide in maintaining a respectful ongoing exchange of ideas.

Unfortunately, we have lately received a growing number of complaints from readers, subscribers, and commenters regarding inappropriate content or personal invective (directed at other commenters, blog authors, or outside parties) surfacing in the comments. We agree that this has become an ongoing problem, and have decided to employ a stricter moderation policy going forward:

• Comments that advocate violence, incite hatred of race or religion, or are intended to harass writers or commenters will be cause for immediate banning with no appeal.

• Obscene and abusive remarks will be deleted.

• Posts that contain phone numbers, street addresses, email addresses or other personal information will also be deleted.

Commenters should note that because of this new policy, a comment might not appear immediately.

We encourage our commenters to adhere to the above policy and to also help us enforce it by reporting any comments that violate these simple rules to kgjermani at commentarymagazine dot com. Your future contributions in helping to keep our comment sections consistent with the highest standards of argument are greatly appreciated.


Kejda Gjermani

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