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Freeman Approves

President Obama’s unwillingness to offer full-throated support to the people of Iran against their theocratic masters wins kudos from (what must surely be) an unwelcome source: Chas Freeman, whose nomination to head the National Intelligence Council was withdrawn after the unearthing of a whole series of bizarre and offensive comments he had made over the years. The Financial Times quotes him as follows:

“I think they’ve responded in just the right way — neither swallowing the election results nor rejecting them,” says Chas Freeman, a former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia. “The administration will still want to talk to Iran, and it cannot afford to close down that possibility.”

Naturally, Chas Freeman — who applauded the massacre at Tienanmen Square and denounced the supposedly insidious influence of Israel — would think so. But the Obama-ites should stop to ask themselves what they’re doing wrong if they’re winning Chas Freeman’s approbation.

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