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Re: Overstating the Rift on the Right

Max, that’s rich that the focus of the Politico’s “conflict rages!” story should be on the Republicans. What about the huge cognitive dissonance between the idealistic followers of the president and the president himself, who can’t be bothered to say the simple words “there was fraud” or “America stands with those who want to vote, not those who prevent full and fair elections”? What about the elite liberal opinion and open rooting for Ahmadinejad that John points out?

In fairness to Politico, none in the Obama fan club, which is now cheering on the Iranian protesters, can bring themselves to say the obvious: this is a shabby showing indeed for the candidate from hope and change. But then again, no one in the media is asking them how they feel about a president who seems to be more intent on covering his bases with the mullahs than supporting those who might topple them. But it is interesting that it is Republican Mike Pence who has introduced a bill declaring support for the protesters. (Hmm, wonder why Smith didn’t inquire of the Democrats what their reaction to the bill is. I eagerly await Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s response.)

Let’s see how the Democrats resolve their cognitive dissonance. Maybe Politico could even ask someone how they plan on doing so.

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