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Not So Fast

ABC News reports:

The Obama administration, under fire for inflating job growth from the $787 billion stimulus plan, slashed over 60,000 jobs from its most recent report on the program because the reporting outlets had submitted “unrealistic data,” according to a document obtained by ABC News. A document from the Office of Management and Budget obtained by ABC News shows that before an Oct. 30 progress report on the government stimulus program the administration asked the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board to remove information from 12 stimulus recipients that contained “unrealistic data,” including “unrealistic job data.”

This, of course, adds to the sense that the Obama team is resorting to phony numbers to justify the boondoggle-ridden stimulus, which everyone but the most fervent pro-Obama spinners regards as a bust. Keep in mind that it’s now November, and the stimulus package is still the primary and most highly touted “accomplishment” of the Obama domestic agenda. With each revelation, there is even less to tout.

Moreover, this news report comes at the very time the Obami are trying to jam through a massive health-care plan, far more dubious in its promises and more controversial than the gargantuan stimulus bill. If the biggest hurdle to health-care reform is Americans’ innate distrust of big government, more evidence that we can’t really trust what is coming out of Washington will plainly make harder the task of ramming through that reform.

Simply put, the last thing the Obama team needed was evidence that it is prone to spend too much, is too cavalier with the facts, and delivers too little to the American people.

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