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A World Gone Mad

A CONTENTIONS reader points me to some signs of the times that aptly capture the mindset of much of the Western world. While everyone mourns the loss of those who set upon the Israeli commandos (are we in the business now of mourning everyone who attacks Israeli forces, provided they affix “peace” to their operation?), the world cares not at all when civilian casualties inevitably occur in war — so long as those doing the killing aren’t Israeli. This, from the Israel-hating BBC on the killing of al-Qaeda’s No. 3 man in Afghanistan, aptly captures the hypocrisy of the hand-wringers:

Mr Yazid, also known as Sheikh Said al-Masri, died along with his wife and three children, Islamist websites said, quoting a statement from al-Qaeda. US officials say they believe he was killed recently in the tribal areas of Pakistan in an American drone attack. … US monitoring groups said a message from al-Qaeda posted on Islamist forums on 31 May said the militant’s wife, three of his daughters, his granddaughter, and other men, women, and children, were killed.

No UN condemnation. No riots. This is war, after all. As Tom Gross notes: “No one seems to be getting hysterical about this anywhere in the world. Now imagine if Israel had been involved.”

The case of the flotilla was, of course, not one with innocent babes sleeping in their cribs. They are just as much combatants in a terror war against Israel as are the al-Qaeda forces trying to killing Americans in Afghanistan:

You see the Israelis, at first brandishing just paint-ball guns, being grabbed as they landed, dragged to the ground, and beaten brutally with pipes and clubs.

On another clip, apparently shot by protesters, a soldier is stabbed in the back, and then in the front. Another soldier is beaten and thrown over the side.

Photographs show two Israeli soldiers, one of them shot, being carried off with serious wounds. This isn’t what you’d normally expect from “peace protesters” or “humanitarian activists”, even those armed merely “with a few knives.”

These clues suggest the media — and many foolish politicians — have fallen for a brilliant propaganda coup. …

Those on board refused offers by Israel that they dock at an Israeli port so their aid could be checked and forwarded to Gaza. They rejected warnings to turn back. They prepared instead for confrontation. Arab television showed a woman exulting: “We await one of two good things — to achieve martyrdom or reach the shore of Gaza.”

She said: “These are people who wish to be martyred for the sake of Allah. As much as they want to reach Gaza, the other option is more desirable to them.”

They got just what they wanted, then, as did Hamas and its chief backer, Iran.

Iran, needing a distraction from its nuclear program, pumped out instant YouTube footage of this Israeli “atrocity.”

Meanwhile Hamas spokesman Samil Abu Zuhri called for a global “intifada”: “We call on all Arabs and Muslims to rise up in front of Zionist embassies across the world.”

If we cannot recognize the enemy, we cannot defeat him. And if we prevent clear-eyed allies from doing so, we lose allies, our moral standing, and the war on our civilization.

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