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Holder Claims Politics Is the Problem

Eric Holder’s descent into incomprehensibility on the KSM trial is a thing to behold. On Sunday, he proclaimed:

If we try to exclude the federal criminal justice system, we are taking away one of the tools that we have. And I think ultimately we make this nation much weaker. That’s a very dangerous thing, I think, to take that tool out of our hands.

Huh? Isn’t foreclosing military tribunals “taking away one of the tools we have” and won’t that make us weaker? If that is the best he can do, you sense he’s not going to be around long, or that the Obami have given up on a KSM civilian trial, or maybe both.

But on the chutzpah meter, nothing can top Holder’s whining that “politics” is delaying a decision on the KSM trial. Really? Couldn’t Obama declare his intention anytime — or is it politics (i.e., the fear of a meltdown on the left or an outcry from everyone else) that is preventing an announcement before the midterms? If Holder complains about “politics,” it suggests that not even his own party favors Obama’s position on this one. But this administration — whether on health care or on the war on terror — has often been frustrated that the rubes out in America are just too dense to understand Obama’s magnificence.

It is rich that the administration that has politicized every nook and cranny of the Justice Department — from the New Black Panther case to hiring leftist defenders of al-Qaeda terrorists — should bemoan that politics is preventing them from doing what the Obami pine to do. But their bellyaching is yet another sign that the administration’s biggest obstacle is the American people, who don’t like what they are up to.

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