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What Did the White House Know About Egypt and When Did It Know It?

The Wall Street Journal has an article that obliterates the myth that “no one knew” that the events in Egypt were about to unfold.

“Early last year, a group of U.S.-based human-rights activists, neoconservative policy makers and Mideast experts told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that what passed for calm in Egypt was an illusion,” the Journal reports. It quotes from the Egypt Working Group’s April 2010 letter: “If the opportunity to reform is missed, prospects for stability and prosperity in Egypt will be in doubt.”

Read the whole story. It’s both a damning indictment of the lack of preparedness on the part of the Obama administration and a tribute to the prescience of the Egyptian Working Group. If things turn out well in Egypt, it won’t be because of the foresight and planning of Mr. Obama and his team.

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