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Beck to Leave Fox

Glenn Beck will transition off his daily show at Fox News, the network announced today. The left is already Tweeting its credit for this “coup,” but Beck’s plummeting ratings probably had more to do with it.

While The Glenn Beck Show remains one of the top-rated shows on cable news, it has been sinking fast. Dave Weigel reports on Beck’s loss of nearly a million viewers over the past year:

Beck’s ratings had been collapsing, even as he remained one of the most popular hosts on TV. In January 2010 he had 2.9 million viewers; in January 2011 he’d fallen to 1.8 million. James Downie wrote a smart piece about why this might have been happening, figuring that Beck’s utility was as the host who will go further in explaining the liberal-socialist conspiracy that was wrecking America, and the need for TV like that fell when the GOP took over the House.

According to a press release on Beck’s website The Blaze, the host will continue to produce shows and content for Fox—a smart move by the network. Beck still has extremely loyal fans, and Fox will need to handle this transition carefully in order to avoid alienating them.

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