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Bibi at AIPAC

Around 10:30 tonight, Benjamin Netanyahu finally took the stage at the AIPAC conference. Six times during his speech he was interrupted by hecklers; he calmly drank water while the audience cheered him to drown out the heckling, and at one point cracked, “Do you think they would allow these protests in Gaza?” AIPAC president Lee Rosenberg made some news last week with an email to AIPAC conference attendees warning them to be polite to President Obama. That was aimed, of course, at those on the Right who think ill of Obama and his treatment of Israel. There was one lone boo during Obama’s speech on Sunday. Maybe Rosenberg should have added a note about being polite to Netanyahu as well, which would have been an acknowledgment of the fact that the loudest voices of incivility in the United States when it comes to the U.S.-Israel relationship come from the post-Zionist Left.

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