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Exposing the Mindset of Modern Liberalism

On ABC’s “This Week”, George Will was on a panel with Georgetown University’s Michael Eric Dyson, Harvard’s Jill Lepore, and Time magazine’s Richard Stengel, all of whom discussed Obamacare and the Constitution. 

In the course of the conversation, Will said this:

The question is, has the congressional power to regulate interstate commerce been so loosely construed that now Congress can do anything at all, that there is nothing it cannot do. Let me ask the three of you. Obviously, obesity and its costs affect interstate commerce. Does Congress have the constitutional power to require obese people to sign up for Weight Watchers? If not, why not?

The other panelists tried to duck Will’s question. To his credit, Will doesn’t allow them to be evasive. In pressing his point, Will elicits some remarkably illuminating answers. “I don’t know the answer to that,” Stengel admits. “It’s open,” according to Dyson.

Will did us the service of exposing the mindset of modern liberalism in the course of roughly two minutes. Two leading progressive are totally at sea when asked whether Congress has the constitutional power to require obese people to sign up for Weight Watchers.

Call it the Nanny State in a nutshell.

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