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Pro-Palestinian Fly-In Shows Activists’ Goal

With the latest iteration of the Gaza flotilla having turned into a costly fiasco, what can the anti-Israel crowd do to gain some attention? Their answer is to stage a “fly-in” to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The point of the exercise is apparently an attempt to disrupt operations at the busy terminal, something that will, no doubt, further endear the Palestinian cause to weary travelers coming into or out of the country.

While reports say three such activists have already been arrested after arriving at the airport, it is believed that some 700 others will land on Friday. After landing, they plan to tell authorities they have arrived to visit “Palestine” and will either be arrested or let loose to engage in “solidarity” activities in the West Bank.

While many of the Gaza flotilla activists insist their goal is merely to help the people of Gaza, the purpose of their excursion is to strengthen the Hamas rulers of the strip by ending the isolation the international community has attempted to impose on the terrorist-run territory.

But much less effort is needed to connect the dots between the stated intentions of the “fly-in” activists and their actual goal. Someone who lands in Israel and says they have come to “Palestine” isn’t leaving much doubt about their feelings about the existence of the Jewish state.

Contrary to the apologists for the flotilla activists in the New York Times and elsewhere, the point of this campaign isn’t an effort to bring succor to Palestinians. The activists clearly couldn’t care less about the lives of the Arabs in the territories. If they did, they wouldn’t be demonstrating their support for the tyrannical Islamist rulers of Gaza. What they want is to demonstrate their opposition to Jewish sovereignty. Indeed, as the “fly-in” shows, these people not only seek to impede Israel’s right of self-defense but the right of its people to go about their business.

So while their bad intentions and attempts at disrupting a busy terminal are not appreciated, we can at least thank them for their candor about their goals.

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