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The Politicization of Faith

Yesterday, Democratic consultant Donna Brazile tweeted, “Last time I checked, God is above this partisan stuff. But I believe (as a woman of faith) Jesus  would be fair & support shared sacrifice.” And last time I checked, for a Christian to use Jesus as a pawn in the debt ceiling debate bordered on heresy.

The New Testament gives instructions on how to pray, on how congregations should function and deacons should manage their households, and on how husbands and wives should treat each other. Yet astonishingly, it says nothing at all about what a deal raising the debt ceiling debate should look like.

This sort of politicization of faith occurs among both liberals and conservatives — and whenever it occurs, it’s discrediting. If Pat Robertson tried his hand at this type of crude proof-testing, Donna Brazile would be offended, and rightfully so. Subordinating faith to partisan aims is regrettable wherever we find it.


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